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Transcendent knitwear

Transcendent knitwear of Giovanni Cavagna

Knitwear is so much a part of daily life we take it for granted. Our closets and the clothes we wear each day invariably include a range knitted fabrics so ubiquitous they are literally part of us. Yet we rarely take the time to reflect on what wonders of design they really are.

The garment is often created on the spot much like a painter or a sculptor at work.

But Giovanni Cavagna knows very well. As a world leader in luxury knitwear innovation, he is immersed in its finest details and creativity, designing the entire process from yarn and machine work to finished product, resulting in the most innovative knitwear that can be found anywhere today.

His concepts and processes are used in cashmere, alpaca and silk knitwear.

As an international consultant he is keen to transmit his insight and virtuosity to knitwear companies across the globe. In addition to producing creations for the brand that carries his name, the eclectic designer consults for producers across the world including in the US, South America and China.

In China he was a pioneer 20 years ago offering his expertise to a group of producers and today continues collaboration in the country with a company in the Shenzen fashion district. He also continues to participate in fashion events in New York City and Shanghai.

Born in Bergamo, northern Italy, Giovanni first became fascinated with knitting as a young boy watching his grandmother create by hand the traditional way. Today he combines innovation with classic processes through his strong passion for material research and new technologies.

The result is trend-setting methodology and stylistically ultra-sophisticated designs. The Giovanni Cavagna brand offers harmony in composition and even takes small flaws in the knitting process as an opportunity to create.

Following his formative years in the ’80s, the designer won a competition in Milan and began to consult for others in the field to meet the most current trends. His services begin with materials and continue through the process to finished product.

He naturally does the same for his own designs.

“Give me a moment to capture something and I reinvent it through what I create,” Giovanni says from his headquarters in Milan at Via Boccaccio where he works together a creative team of 10 people.